My son turned 13 on Monday and I am in denial as I don’t feel old enough to be the mother of a teenager. But, as I will be 40 in a couple of years I guess this is not a realistic idea.

So teenagers, hmm not looking forward to having a grumpy, smelly, sleepy, and unhelpful young man in my house. But as he’s so far been a 99% lovely child I hold out hope that he will continue to be so.

I find it terrifying and exciting to be responsible for helping him to become a great man and hope my ‘village’ still helps along the way.

Medical dramas

I’ve had a dramatic start to August with my husband being very ill on Tuesday morning and paramedics (including our students – so proud!) diagnosing him with vertigo. Possibly caused by a mix of having a cold and flying to Auckland for work last week, or some other inner ear infection thingy. Either way it’s been very unpleasant for him and is on anti-nausea pills just to walk around the house.
He has one eye looking in one direction and the other follows slightly behind and a bit wobbly which is very odd to look at! He went back to work on Friday morning then I took him to his doctor at lunch time, the only appointment we could get all week!
His doctor was a pretty laid back fellow who agreed with the paramedics and said we would pretty much have to wait it out and it should get better on its own. When we asked if he would benefit from physio as the paramedics suggested, he said we could learn the moves of some of the exercises from Youtube! Wow that surprised me!
Anyway that’s all for tonight. Take care people.


Mt. dishes

Yesterday afternoon mr almost 13 and I (ok mostly I) tackled Mt.Dishes.


Two and a half hours later, fingers wrinkled like raisins, we had reached the bench and then had a few minutes to ‘dry’ off before making brownies and then dinner. So for a few minutes there ALL the dishes were done!

I should mention here that yes we do have a dishwasher in our (not so) new house, but a lot of baking bowls and other stuff can’t go in there. #firstworldproblems I know LOL

Red puppy bikkie day

One of the ways I help out NZ charities is by selling baking to help them.

Today is one of those days #bikkieday:

Red puppy bikkies 20160711

Mr almost 13 and I spent the weekend baking puppy shaped cookies for Red Puppy Bikkie Day.


This is one of the charities I bake for, others are SPCA cupcake day in August, NZBCF pink cupcakes in October, etc.

So instead of just donating money to charity (not that there is anything wrong with that!), I spend some time creating something yummy to share with others, and generate awareness of the charity with my colleagues and others who I sell the baking to.

Do you help charities fundraise money?


4th of July

I was in the USA on the 4th of July 2002. Wow 14 years ago, I had to re-count!

I was surprised by the lack of celebrations at the camp I was a staff member at.
I am not sure if this was because we were busy with preparing the camp for the children arriving soon. Or that it was a fairly conservative kinda place, or just that it was mid-week and we didn’t really have any time off to ourselves.

It was cool to see so many homes displaying the USA flag on their properties, one of the things that pointed out I was most definitely not at home in NZ! And of course I had to buy some mini flags to display around the place when I got home so I didn’t miss my new friends so much.

Anyway just wanting to say Happy Independence Day to all my American buddies, I miss you all🙂

Cold last day of #BlogJune

It’s mid-winter here in NZ, and while we have had a few freezing mornings, it has been quite mild so far.

Having said that, I work inside with a heater under my desk! And the thermometer says 21.9deg C.

My workplace is an award-winning building designed to be eco-heated with natural materials or something. In reality it is too hot in summer and too cold in winter, like most other buildings.

At home we have an HRV system, which is supposed to circulate clean warm air throughout the house, and dry out ‘weepy windows’ from it being cold in winter.
As we were still getting these on the few really cold days we had, I bumped up the power setting on it and haven’t noticed any since. However as we haven’t had any more really cold days, it’s hard to say if that is what has helped or not.

We have gas central heating which is quite old and expensive to run, so we only put that on for an hour or so on really cold nights or mornings. The rest of the time we load up on blankets, or put a heater on in the lounge only.

How is the heating situation at your work or home?


The not even Monday Meme

I have seen a few interesting versions of Fi’s Monday Meme. Here’s mine:

  1. The most recent text you received was…
    “No its ok”
  2. What is an overused word or saying that you hate?
    A pet peeve is acronyms, like BAU for Business As Usual.
  3. What was the last book that you read?
    I am currently reading ‘To love and protect‘ by Debbie Macomber. Before that would have been study ones.
  4. The best purchase you’ve made recently?
    3 merino tops for $10 at Postie closing down sale.
  5. What was the last image you posted on social media and why?
    This funny Facebook meme, because it amused me and relates to my week.
  6. What was the last movie you saw?
    Zootopia, hoping to see Finding Dory this weekend.
  7. What is the last risk you took and how did it turn out?
    Talking to colleague about the issues I had with what they had done. And not well!
  8. What kind of mood were you in today?
    Tired but am ok with the world today.
  9. What has been your biggest challenge lately?
    Hmm, toss-up with work issues and mini-miscarriage.
  10. What is one new thing you have learned?
    That blogging is much more fun that I thought it might be, then again mine is pretty casual and random – like me! LOL


Righteous woman or Queen bee?

I just read an interesting article called “Why Women (Sometimes) Don’t Help Other Women”  which reminded me of my workplace dramas I wrote about a few days ago.
Sheryl Sandberg was someone I started reading about when I was thinking about doing my research project on mentoring in the workplace. She has recently also written this article on the myth of the catty woman.

My team has been made up of only women until a few months ago when a male joined our team, part-time. This is quite common of the library world, at my old work apart from the manager there was only one other male for quite a few years.

I have always been an advocate for women’s rights, was appalled to learn how recently some countries gave women the right to vote and equally proud that NZ was the first!
At college I thought about being the first woman Prime Minister of NZ, however that was taken by the time I left school. I have thought about going into local politics, but think I would be frustrated at the limitations of bureaucracy, and also not a fan of public speaking! LOL


Nearly the end of #BlogJune

This has been an interesting month of trying to blog everyday for #BlogJune.

I expected to learn more about other people by reading their blogs, and while I have found a few new people to follow, I have actually learnt more about myself.

A month ago I made a draft outline of topics I thought I would write about, and while I have done some of them, I have used this month of blogging more like a diary or reflective journal.

How have you found the month?