Friday fives – pizza edition

Hi all,

It’s Friday again and that means it’s time for #Fridayfives 🙂

  1. BBQ Chicken and bacon
  2. Cranberry chicken and camembert (or brie)
  3. Hawaiian (yep I’m one of those who likes pineapple on my pizza)
  4. Homemade leftovers (roast potato and kumara makes extra yum)
  5. Meatlovers

There you go a quick and easy post today


School holidays

Now that my son is older (almost 14) there is not so much of the panic of what he is going to do all holidays. He is also now into reading (librarian/teacher mum sings hallelujah!) so is happy to sit in a corner and read.

But I understand that for many of my friends, and others around the country, these two weeks can be a real pain in the neck to organise.

For working parents there is the do we take leave vs expensive holiday programmes.

For stay-at-home parents there is how do we entertain them all day vs keeping peace in the home.

So a mix of day trips out, play dates, and planned activities usually get us through.

If you are in Wellington and want some info on things to do check out the Toddlers in towEventfinda, and Tots to teens websites.

Birthday #twinning

I just did a little online quiz about how popular my birthdate is, and being a spring baby I already knew it was going to be pretty popular, but 10th?! Wow!

How popular is your birthdate? See below for NZ or UK can check here, USA check here.


From Statistics NZ

Apparently I share my birthday with approximately 14,000 other people in NZ alone. So I suppose that is a lot more worldwide!

I grew up with 2 other birthday ‘twins’ in my classes through school, although they were both a year older than me as I had skipped a year when I was younger.

How about you? Are you a birthdate twin with anyone you know?

Or me?

Incorrect lyrics

I saw this funny video a few times on FB recently which reminded me of some incorrect lyrics I had picked up off some new songs out.

In Future’s new song Mask off I put a librarian spin on ‘Percocets, Molly Percocets’ which I made into ‘Reference it, gotta reference it’ bahahaha. I just read what the correct lyrics are just now and wow that’s not what I ever would have thought he was saying! I had discussed this one with mr13 and hubby and they thought it was ‘represent’.

Another new one is Rihanna’s ‘wild thoughts’ sounded to me like ‘white sauce’ LOL which I knew wasn’t the right words but now every time I hear it, I sing my words not hers.

Here are some others you may have been getting wrong!

LOL enjoy.


USA #4thofJuly

Last year on #4thofJuly I wrote about my trip to USA for summer camp in 2002. It’s lovely to still keep in touch with a few campers and other staff from camp too.
Last November my family did the ‘dream holiday’ to Disneyland in California. So now I have a different perspective on life in the USA.

The summer camp trip was mostly in rural New England, with only a couple of days in New York, Rhode Island, and Los Angeles on the way home.
This time we were based in Anaheim for the whole trip, with day trips down to Legoland in San Diego (my fave day), and up to LA for Universal, LA Zoo, etc.

What I was surprised with on this trip was the mix of people we saw/heard. I was expecting a wide range of cultures from all around the world, when in fact we mostly saw ‘white’ Americans, and ‘hispanic’ Americans, not much else. There were no large groups of Asian tourists, (like we get in NZ) only met a couple of British people, etc.
It felt quite unusual to be in such a ‘touristy’ town that mostly was filled with American tourists. Maybe it was the time of year, maybe it’s always like that? Anyway that was one thing I remember from our family trip to USA.
We also ate some great (and some not so great) food, that you can see here. I miss pretzels!


Happy 4th of July 🙂

The end of #BlogJune 2017

Well it’s the end of June 2017 so this wraps up #BlogJune for 2017.

I managed to post most days, but didn’t stress about missing the odd one or two, so that’s a win for me!

I have gained a few new followers, thank you and I hope you keep reading in the future. I have also found a few new blogs to follow, so will have to remind myself to take time to read and interact with those too.

That’s all for now.

See you next #BlogJune if not before

My first library job #BlogJune

Following on from JaneConnie and Andrew’s posts about their first library job, here’s mine. I mentioned in my recent post about my 20 year old self that I was working ‘afterschool’ in a library that morphed into a full-time(ish) job.

I started working in a public library in 1996 as a shelver on a Tuesday night, back when they were open on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 8pm. This was a great job for a school or uni student, as I was at the time. This then grew into Tuesdays and Thursday nights when the Thursday person left, then adding on Saturday mornings and others too.

After the first year or so as a shelver I guess you could say I was noticed as good at answering customer questions, and so started being circulation desk trained. I really enjoyed working with the customers, helping them search the catalogue and shelves for the information they needed. I also started working in the workroom over the summer holidays doing new book processing and other tasks as required. I loved putting up xmas decorations, cleaning out the bird cage – not so much!

After a couple of years I left for about 6 months when I moved out of home and flatted closer to uni (as was no longer financially and time viable). However after unsuccessfully applying for about 100 teaching jobs at the end of the year, I was advised by my former supervisor (and pretty much best friend) to apply for a couple of vacancies that had come up over the Christmas holidays, and was successful in one of them. It was pretty much full time, 32 hours a week from Tuesday to Saturday, and I loved having Mondays off to avoid that mopey Monday feeling LOL

And the rest is history!

A few years later I had a couple of months off to be a camp counsellor in USA, then a year or so later I had a year off to be at home with mr13 when he was a baby. I changed roles within the same library a few times over the 16 years I worked there, my last being the Serials Library Assistant.
4 and a half years ago I left the public library to work in a similar role at the tertiary library down the road and here I am today. Now my job has changed again and my official title is now Circulation, Reference and Liaison Librarian.
What a mouthful,  the joys of working in a small team!



Fun tools #BlogJune

One of my fave new tools is Tagul, now known as Word .
If you haven’t played (I mean worked) with word art before, then you are in for a treat.

It is a word cloud generator that you can make any shape, colour, font, that you like.

I discovered it while wanting to make a poster of all of the things the library staff could help our students/staff with while our library building was out of action after the earthquake last November.

Here is one of my faves:

hole heart library words

I also discovered that as well as the hundreds of shape options they have available, there is also the option to upload a pic to use. So mr13 decided he wanted a dragon, as you do.

They are also super quick to make. I made this one during an orientation session with a new class of students:



So have a go, it’s fun 🙂