Life begins at 40? #BlogJune


This year my husband turns 40, next year I turn 40. Does life begin at 40?

Quora had 70 responses to “What is your greatest fear when you will reach that age?”
I no longer worry about turning 40, in fact I’m quite looking forward to it.
Stuff’s article is more positive.

I used to think that by 30, or 40 I should have achieved certain milestones in my life. So at almost 40 I am married, have a child, own a car, own most of a house, have a full-time job with reasonable pay and job satisfaction. My life is pretty happy and I can’t say I have too much to worry about.

I was inspired by a post I read recently (sorry I can’t find the link) that was a letter from a 23 year old to her 30 year old self. I thought about doing a 40 year old one, but as it is next year I don’t expect much to change. Maybe I’ll do a 50 year old one?

I just saw this video on getting older, and I want to be her when I grow up!






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