Library heroes

While reporting back to my colleagues about the sessions I attended at LIAZNA conference, I found myself using the term ‘library heroes’ many times. This lead one of my colleagues to declare that she wanted to be one of my library heroes.

What I mean by ‘library heroes’ is people who have inspired me, usually by reading their publishing on social media, books, webinars, and now conference sessions.

The concept of famous people has always seemed a little odd to me. I have¬†cousins who are in bands deemed ‘famous’ by many around the world, and having gone to school with guys who went on to become All Blacks, or represent the world at other sports., who are still the same cousins or friends that I have known for years. Being ‘famous’ or a ‘hero’ doesn’t change who they are ¬†(or shouldn’t), but it changes how other people see them.

Who are your ‘heroes’ and why?