Cold last day of #BlogJune

It’s mid-winter here in NZ, and while we have had a few freezing mornings, it has been quite mild so far.

Having said that, I work inside with a heater under my desk! And the thermometer says 21.9deg C.

My workplace is an award-winning building designed to be eco-heated with natural materials or something. In reality it is too hot in summer and too cold in winter, like most other buildings.

At home we have an HRV system, which is supposed to circulate clean warm air throughout the house, and dry out ‘weepy windows’ from it being cold in winter.
As we were still getting these on the few really cold days we had, I bumped up the power setting on it and haven’t noticed any since. However as we haven’t had any more really cold days, it’s hard to say if that is what has helped or not.

We have gas central heating which is quite old and expensive to run, so we only put that on for an hour or so on really cold nights or mornings. The rest of the time we load up on blankets, or put a heater on in the lounge only.

How is the heating situation at your work or home?



The not even Monday Meme

I have seen a few interesting versions of Fi’s Monday Meme. Here’s mine:

  1. The most recent text you received was…
    “No its ok”
  2. What is an overused word or saying that you hate?
    A pet peeve is acronyms, like BAU for Business As Usual.
  3. What was the last book that you read?
    I am currently reading ‘To love and protect‘ by Debbie Macomber. Before that would have been study ones.
  4. The best purchase you’ve made recently?
    3 merino tops for $10 at Postie closing down sale.
  5. What was the last image you posted on social media and why?
    This funny Facebook meme, because it amused me and relates to my week.
  6. What was the last movie you saw?
    Zootopia, hoping to see Finding Dory this weekend.
  7. What is the last risk you took and how did it turn out?
    Talking to colleague about the issues I had with what they had done. And not well!
  8. What kind of mood were you in today?
    Tired but am ok with the world today.
  9. What has been your biggest challenge lately?
    Hmm, toss-up with work issues and mini-miscarriage.
  10. What is one new thing you have learned?
    That blogging is much more fun that I thought it might be, then again mine is pretty casual and random – like me! LOL


Righteous woman or Queen bee?

I just read an interesting article called “Why Women (Sometimes) Don’t Help Other Women”  which reminded me of my workplace dramas I wrote about a few days ago.
Sheryl Sandberg was someone I started reading about when I was thinking about doing my research project on mentoring in the workplace. She has recently also written this article on the myth of the catty woman.

My team has been made up of only women until a few months ago when a male joined our team, part-time. This is quite common of the library world, at my old work apart from the manager there was only one other male for quite a few years.

I have always been an advocate for women’s rights, was appalled to learn how recently some countries gave women the right to vote and equally proud that NZ was the first!
At college I thought about being the first woman Prime Minister of NZ, however that was taken by the time I left school. I have thought about going into local politics, but think I would be frustrated at the limitations of bureaucracy, and also not a fan of public speaking! LOL


Nearly the end of #BlogJune

This has been an interesting month of trying to blog everyday for #BlogJune.

I expected to learn more about other people by reading their blogs, and while I have found a few new people to follow, I have actually learnt more about myself.

A month ago I made a draft outline of topics I thought I would write about, and while I have done some of them, I have used this month of blogging more like a diary or reflective journal.

How have you found the month?


Sunday – relaxing day

Today I went to a colouring club/meeting/class. I found it on Meetup, which sounds a bit like random strangers meeting up with common interests, and that’s pretty much what it is. LOL. Well I did actually know one other lady there, and mr12 came too because hubby had to go to work.

Anyway, colouring is something I have always enjoyed doing, and has recently become a more ‘acceptable’ thing for adults to do. The benefits of colouring have been written about here, here and here, among others.

I got a few colouring books for xmas, and also signed up to get weekly free sample pages from Dover publications.

Here are the two I did this morning at the group:

stained glass flowers and circles

From Dover Publications

From Dover Publications

From Dover Publications









Happy colouring 🙂



6 months til xmas!

It’s half way through the year already, time to start the xmas countdown!
Yes, I’m one of those crazy people who start celebrating waaaay too soon. LOL

I love xmas, my fave time of the year.
I love the xmas tree(s), yes I have more than one now.
I love xmas lights, now that we have a one story house, hubby has said yes to putting lights up all over.
I love xmas carols, my landline ringtone is jinglebells ALL year long.
I love going to events where I can sing carols with other people, especially if candles are involved.
I love xmas lunches and dinners with the family(s), when mr12 was a baby we did breakfast lunch and dinner at 3 different houses!
I love xmas presents that people have thought about what I would really like, but the presents aren’t really what xmas is about for me. However I love spoiling mr12 at xmas!

This year we are having a super exciting early xmas in California! Yes we are finally going to Disneyland! So will be having a superbudget xmas after that but oh well, YOLO right? LOL

#BlogJune #xmascountdown


Some days I find it a lot harder than others to work with my team at work.  Today was a hard one.
There’s a particular individual who I am finding it difficult to communicate with. This time last year we had an um interesting time with a colleague who had been promoted to team leader when our manager had retired,  and it didn’t work out well for anyone.  They have now left and this other colleague may be taking on some of the characteristics that we disliked in her.
I was depressed and even slightly suicidal in that environment. I am not going to let that happen again.
Any tips on dealing with difficult people?


Well this post is going to be hard to write, and likely to be hard to read for some of you too.

A few years ago I had a miscarriage and only now I’m comfortable about making it public.

I read an article today about photos of stillborn babies, in which they say “Miscarriage in particular doesn’t have any outward representation – you don’t have a funeral, there’s no headstone, maybe no one even knew you were pregnant. It’s a quiet kind of grief and maybe talking about it on a public platform doesn’t feel right”.
That sums up for me why it’s been hard to talk about, most of our family and friends didn’t (and some still don’t) even know we were pregnant, though had started sharing as we had met the ‘magical’ 12 week mark.
Or so we thought!
Turns out I started bleeding the morning of the 12 week scan and was told the baby probably had only made it to 7 or 8 weeks.
I go through what I would call ‘waves’ of grief, when certain things like seeing a baby, or hearing about someone being pregnant, can set off emotions remembering how much I’m missing out on. And of course all the anniversaries like the ‘due date’, and special occasions like Mother’s Day and Christmas are really hard to deal with too, imagining how big they would be toddling around the place.

What helps is knowing I’m not alone. Every time I have mentioned it to anyone, they always know someone else it has happened to. I just read that I am also not alone in this. An article by  says “The importance of hearing from others who have gone through the same experience was highlighted by a significant minority of those who had suffered a loss in pregnancy. Almost half said they felt less alone when friends disclosed their own miscarriage and 28% stated that celebrities’ disclosure of miscarriage had eased their feelings of isolation.”
And if having one wasn’t hard enough, some of my friends have had several!

I have only had one ‘official’ miscarriage involving midwife and hospital etc, won’t go into the gory details here. However, a few other times I have been a week to 10 days late and have wondered if they were also miscarriages. My doctor has been particularly unhelpful or sympathetic so I no longer ask her anything.
Another reason for writing this post is that just yesterday I was 2 weeks late, (the latest ever without having been confirmed pregnant) and was going to pick up a test on the way home from work. However I started bleeding at lunchtime and the dream was over.

I am feeling particularly upset today as I had just started to let myself think of the ‘what ifs’, the potential due date, how it might affect future things like our overseas trip, etc. And then to come crashing back down to reality was a huge disappointment, and I took it quite hard. I must have had some sort of glazed look as I finished the day of work and burst into tears when I got in my car and tried to text my husband about it. I couldn’t find the words.

So anyway, here are some words about it, hopefully me talking about it will help someone else. And if this happens to you, or someone you know, ask if they want to talk about it, don’t say ‘oh you are young you can keep trying’, and give them chocolates.
Chocolate helps with everything.

And here are some other blog posts you might like to read about it: Scary Mommy, Lipstick and Politics.




On site salon

One of my favourite things about my workplace is the on-site salon. The students are training to be hair stylists, and often need ‘models’ to practice on.

Now I don’t consider myself cover model worthy in any stretch of the imagination, but when a free wash & blow dry, braid or hair up is on offer, I’m in!

I was nervous the first time I went, that they might mess up, but the tutor is on hand to assist the students whenever they need.

Here‘s the brochure of services they offer.

And here’s the meme I couldn’t add last night!