Mt. dishes

Yesterday afternoon mr almost 13 and I (ok mostly I) tackled Mt.Dishes.


Two and a half hours later, fingers wrinkled like raisins, we had reached the bench and then had a few minutes to ‘dry’ off before making brownies and then dinner. So for a few minutes there ALL the dishes were done!

I should mention here that yes we do have a dishwasher in our (not so) new house, but a lot of baking bowls and other stuff can’t go in there. #firstworldproblems I know LOL


Red puppy bikkie day

One of the ways I help out NZ charities is by selling baking to help them.

Today is one of those days #bikkieday:

Red puppy bikkies 20160711

Mr almost 13 and I spent the weekend baking puppy shaped cookies for Red Puppy Bikkie Day.


This is one of the charities I bake for, others are SPCA cupcake day in August, NZBCF pink cupcakes in October, etc.

So instead of just donating money to charity (not that there is anything wrong with that!), I spend some time creating something yummy to share with others, and generate awareness of the charity with my colleagues and others who I sell the baking to.

Do you help charities fundraise money?


4th of July

I was in the USA on the 4th of July 2002. Wow 14 years ago, I had to re-count!

I was surprised by the lack of celebrations at the camp I was a staff member at.
I am not sure if this was because we were busy with preparing the camp for the children arriving soon. Or that it was a fairly conservative kinda place, or just that it was mid-week and we didn’t really have any time off to ourselves.

It was cool to see so many homes displaying the USA flag on their properties, one of the things that pointed out I was most definitely not at home in NZ! And of course I had to buy some mini flags to display around the place when I got home so I didn’t miss my new friends so much.

Anyway just wanting to say Happy Independence Day to all my American buddies, I miss you all 🙂