My son turned 13 on Monday and I am in denial as I don’t feel old enough to be the mother of a teenager. But, as I will be 40 in a couple of years I guess this is not a realistic idea.

So teenagers, hmm not looking forward to having a grumpy, smelly, sleepy, and unhelpful young man in my house. But as he’s so far been a 99% lovely child I hold out hope that he will continue to be so.

I find it terrifying and exciting to be responsible for helping him to become a great man and hope my ‘village’ still helps along the way.


Medical dramas

I’ve had a dramatic start to August with my husband being very ill on Tuesday morning and paramedics (including our students – so proud!) diagnosing him with vertigo. Possibly caused by a mix of having a cold and flying to Auckland for work last week, or some other inner ear infection thingy. Either way it’s been very unpleasant for him and is on anti-nausea pills just to walk around the house.
He has one eye looking in one direction and the other follows slightly behind and a bit wobbly which is very odd to look at! He went back to work on Friday morning then I took him to his doctor at lunch time, the only appointment we could get all week!
His doctor was a pretty laid back fellow who agreed with the paramedics and said we would pretty much have to wait it out and it should get better on its own. When we asked if he would benefit from physio as the paramedics suggested, he said we could learn the moves of some of the exercises from Youtube! Wow that surprised me!
Anyway that’s all for tonight. Take care people.