Friday fives – Almost Christmas edition

Ok so Christmas is still about 3 months away, but the advent calendars and decorations are appearing in shops, so I’m getting excited!

Christmas is my fave holiday and here’s why:

  1. Christmas lights – they are so beautiful. I love driving around looking at decorated homes.

  2. Decorating the tree – so many memories with all the decorations. I get more each year (usually at least half price LOL).
  3. Making xmas cookies – mmm the spicy smell. (I once attempted a gingerbread house LOL).



  4. Family time – ok it probably should be top, but (most of) you haven’t met my family!
  5. And lastly presents – its not the main feature for me, but an added bonus.


Friday fives – chocolate edition

My fave chocolates:

  1. Cadbury caramilk recently rocketed to the top of this list, sadly limited edition and no longer made.
  2. Whittaker’s Lime Kbar, also sadly was a limited edition
  3. Lindt mango and cream, which came out when we were in Sydney in April
  4. Whittaker’s Rum and raisin, not limited edition but not widely available either
  5. So hard to choose just one more! I will go with Whittaker’s creamy milk.



From Pinterest


Friday fives – annoyed edition (edited)

I’ve been really stressed and annoyed about stuff recently, so that’s today’s theme!

Things that annoy me:

  1. Unexplained acronyms – see old post
  2. People trying to tell me I’m wrong when I know I’m not. Also people not apologising when they have done something wrong.
  3. Bad customer service, including being overcharged for things (also see above).
  4. Staff that don’t turn up to shifts or have terrible excuses for declining – see old post
  5. Staff breaking rules: because they think they can, they don’t care about the rule, don’t think they apply to them, don’t care about the consequences of them breaking them, don’t understand why they exist. It doesn’t matter people, if you know the rule exists then don’t break it!





Friday fives – languages edition

So as we are preparing for Tongan language week at work, and the NZ government’s recent announcement about learning a second language, I thought today’s post could be about languages I know (at least a little of).

Languages I know most from the top:

  1. English (main language of my country)
  2. Maori (from growing up in Aotearoa)
  3. Japanese (studied all through high school although have forgotten most of it)
  4. Samoan (did a night class when I was training to be a teacher)
  5. Spanish (thanks to Dora LOL)


How about you?