Happy Birthday to me

Today is my 30mumbleth birthday.
It doesn’t feel like a big deal because it’s not a ‘big’ birthday like a 30th or 40th.

Apart from my immediate family, it is likely that the only way that anyone else knows it’s my birthday is from the Facebook notification that suggests people wish me a happy birthday! #FBfriends

I feel too old/tired to plan a birthday party so I’m going to a friend’s 40th on Friday, where some of my friends will be, and will count that as my birthday party. #partystealer #toooldforthis


HRV unit

Today we had an HRV unit installed.

I was impressed with the tradesmen who turned up on time, did a great job, wasn’t too messy or noisy, and used manners asking to use bathroom.



Most of all I was impressed at how quickly the unit started working.

hrv 002

Control panel

Who knew I had 31 degree heat going to waste in my attic?!

I wonder if we should look at solar panels on the roof next?

It’s spring!

From Clipgid.com

In New Zealand it is now the start of Spring 2015.
I love spring, it’s my favourite time of the year. I love daffodils and other spring flowers.I enjoyed visiting my local Spring Flower Show last weekend.
This morning the weather has been rainy and now sunny which makes one of my other favourite things – rainbows!  Much like the character Marshmallow on Annoying Orange.

Author’s own photo

Hmm maybe my next post should be about hot chocolate and marshmallows?