When the dream is over

Late last year I applied for my dream job, the one I’d been waiting (for someone to retire from), training for (finishing degree), and hoping I would be the perfect fit for.

It’s now been almost 3 months and I haven’t heard a thing!

Not only is this disappointing as far as my ‘dream’ job went, but extremely disappointing personally as my ex-boss and ex-best friend was the one I applied to! #awkward

I have written to their HR dept asking if the vacancy has been filled as it still said ‘in process’ on the online application page, a couple of weeks ago and haven’t had a reply!

I feel way too awkward to ask the ex-boss/best friend  about it, even though we were in a meeting together last week, and still comment on each other’s stuff on FB :0

So now the dream is over, and now what to do?

This HBR post is about just that, and these WSJ one , muse and psychcentral suggest a dream job is never what you wanted/needed anyway.


Back to work

I survived my first day back after summer holidays!


From KIX

It seemed like a really long day, after I checked my emails, caught up with some gossip and then wondered what else to do all day like this guy:


From Stuff

And coz I know you all love memes, here are some more