Cold last day of #BlogJune

It’s mid-winter here in NZ, and while we have had a few freezing mornings, it has been quite mild so far.

Having said that, I work inside with a heater under my desk! And the thermometer says 21.9deg C.

My workplace is an award-winning building designed to be eco-heated with natural materials or something. In reality it is too hot in summer and too cold in winter, like most other buildings.

At home we have an HRV system, which is supposed to circulate clean warm air throughout the house, and dry out ‘weepy windows’ from it being cold in winter.
As we were still getting these on the few really cold days we had, I bumped up the power setting on it and haven’t noticed any since. However as we haven’t had any more really cold days, it’s hard to say if that is what has helped or not.

We have gas central heating which is quite old and expensive to run, so we only put that on for an hour or so on really cold nights or mornings. The rest of the time we load up on blankets, or put a heater on in the lounge only.

How is the heating situation at your work or home?



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