USA #4thofJuly

Last year on #4thofJuly I wrote about my trip to USA for summer camp in 2002. It’s lovely to still keep in touch with a few campers and other staff from camp too.
Last November my family did the ‘dream holiday’ to Disneyland in California. So now I have a different perspective on life in the USA.

The summer camp trip was mostly in rural New England, with only a couple of days in New York, Rhode Island, and Los Angeles on the way home.
This time we were based in Anaheim for the whole trip, with day trips down to Legoland in San Diego (my fave day), and up to LA for Universal, LA Zoo, etc.

What I was surprised with on this trip was the mix of people we saw/heard. I was expecting a wide range of cultures from all around the world, when in fact we mostly saw ‘white’ Americans, and ‘hispanic’ Americans, not much else. There were no large groups of Asian tourists, (like we get in NZ) only met a couple of British people, etc.
It felt quite unusual to be in such a ‘touristy’ town that mostly was filled with American tourists. Maybe it was the time of year, maybe it’s always like that? Anyway that was one thing I remember from our family trip to USA.
We also ate some great (and some not so great) food, that you can see here. I miss pretzels!


Happy 4th of July 🙂


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