My first library job #BlogJune

Following on from JaneConnie and Andrew’s posts about their first library job, here’s mine. I mentioned in my recent post about my 20 year old self that I was working ‘afterschool’ in a library that morphed into a full-time(ish) job.

I started working in a public library in 1996 as a shelver on a Tuesday night, back when they were open on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 8pm. This was a great job for a school or uni student, as I was at the time. This then grew into Tuesdays and Thursday nights when the Thursday person left, then adding on Saturday mornings and others too.

After the first year or so as a shelver I guess you could say I was noticed as good at answering customer questions, and so started being circulation desk trained. I really enjoyed working with the customers, helping them search the catalogue and shelves for the information they needed. I also started working in the workroom over the summer holidays doing new book processing and other tasks as required. I loved putting up xmas decorations, cleaning out the bird cage – not so much!

After a couple of years I left for about 6 months when I moved out of home and flatted closer to uni (as was no longer financially and time viable). However after unsuccessfully applying for about 100 teaching jobs at the end of the year, I was advised by my former supervisor (and pretty much best friend) to apply for a couple of vacancies that had come up over the Christmas holidays, and was successful in one of them. It was pretty much full time, 32 hours a week from Tuesday to Saturday, and I loved having Mondays off to avoid that mopey Monday feeling LOL

And the rest is history!

A few years later I had a couple of months off to be a camp counsellor in USA, then a year or so later I had a year off to be at home with mr13 when he was a baby. I changed roles within the same library a few times over the 16 years I worked there, my last being the Serials Library Assistant.
4 and a half years ago I left the public library to work in a similar role at the tertiary library down the road and here I am today. Now my job has changed again and my official title is now Circulation, Reference and Liaison Librarian.
What a mouthful,  the joys of working in a small team!




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