Compromise? #BlogJune

My life these days seems to involve a lot of compromising.
From the super easy of choosing pizza or fish and chips for dinner, to the difficulties of organising the team roster.
This may be a sign of maturity?

compromise tweet

From Twitter

Yesterday I had a mini-meltdown when I discovered there was no Milo left in our staff kitchen. I had already heated some milk so I thought about other options. I hunted in my locker for any remaining sachets of hot choc mix or the like, and happened upon a mini Moro bar. So I chopped it up and stirred it into the milk. Not bad, I must say.
Now this might seem like a minor event to you, but it was a major win for my mood on a Monday morning!

Does this count as compromising or is it just improvising (which I also do a lot of)?



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