The other side #BlogJune

Part of my new(ish) role is interviewing prospective candidates for our casual library assistant pool. This was kinda thrown at me last minute as we had a stack of CVs after a local ‘job-fest’ and my manager was too busy.

So as a bad librarian does, I googled what to do!

Over a few days I rung people to make appointments. Points off for not answering their phones, points off for not having an answerphone message, or a terrible answerphone message (you know the kind that make you think they have answered?!), emailed others, and gave up after several tries of trying to get hold of some people.

Next came the hard part, what to ask them!
It had not been that long since I had attended job interviews, so I had some idea, and then found other suggestions online.
I now have a list of 20 and I rate them out of 5 to get a score out of 100.

My fave ones are “How would your friends/coworkers describe you?” and “Tell me about your greatest achievement”.

Anyway, my point was being on the ‘other side’ of the interview is no less scary that being interviewed.

Unless you are the guy I just interviewed on Friday!

I have never seen anyone so nervous in my life! Sweaty handshake (as in completely wet fish feel), not making any eye contact, taking jersey off/on, asking for water, muttering about being awkward/nervous several times, yawning, hands over face, seeming to not have prepared answers for anything.
We tried to make him more comfortable, (tried most of these) but it really was a struggle to continue what almost felt like torture.

Have you had experience on both sides? Tips for newbies like me?



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