Being healthy #BlogJune

This year I have been trying to be more healthy.

I am wording it like that because it is not just about losing weight as seen here.

I don’t often post pics of myself because I don’t like the way that I look.

It’s not as easy as eat less and move more, mostly coz I’m lazy and don’t want to do that. Or according to a documentary I saw recently, its genetic.

Dieting is such an odd word, it makes me think of tasteless salads. This tweet made me smile.

Anyway, being more healthy was the point of the post. To me that means being able to climb stairs without my knees and/or lungs hurting. It means being able to run for the bus, to not need medication in the future for blood pressure (family history indicates I will in the next 10 years), and things more along those lines.

I love this quote from Kayla Itsine’s blog post: “Being ‘healthy’ may mean different things to different people, however for me personally, healthy means feeling fit, strong and confident.”

Of course, liking the way I look would be good too.




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