Friday Fives, baking edition #BlogJune

Today I will list my top 5 fave things to bake:

  1. Banana cupcakes (made with Edmonds banana cake recipe)
  2. Chocolate brownies (From Steve Joll’s baking for blokes book)
  3. Lemon sour cream cupcakes (made with Edmonds recipe, although I double the sour cream and add the lemon juice too)
  4. Three berry chocoholic’s cake used to be my ‘go-to’ cake but haven’t made it in a while (made from Food in a minute’s recipe, although I change the type of choc depending on what I have and usually add berries too)
  5. Fifth is a tough choice, probably the 100 cookie recipe with choc chips (From The organised housewife’s recipe, usually I make less coz I like them bigger)


Well that was a fun post to write, and hopefully inspires you to do some baking this weekend, or Monday – baking day!



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