Blah day #BlogJune

I have been at home not feeling well today.

It has been lovely to have a day to chill out with the cats and have nowhere to be or anything needing to be done do until dinner.

So Mr13 got the bus to school (usually I drop him off on my way to work), and my parents pick him up on Weds as he finishes early and they do some gardening until hubby or I get home.
Today I offered to go get him but since it was sunny they were coming over to do gardening anyway, I had a nap instead!

I tried to ignore work emails most of the day, but still got a txt about a roster issue during dinner 😦



4 thoughts on “Blah day #BlogJune

  1. RachB says:

    Yep I used to stress about it a lot more, not plan anything for the whole weekend, etc. Now I plan stuff and if he can’t go then he can’t go, if he has to leave early then he has to leave early. If we have to take my car and his ute then we have to, etc. We just don’t go to movies or ‘nice’ dinners out, things that would be too awkward to leave in the middle of.


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