Blogging for who? #BlogJune

Last week my ‘work blog’ posted its 100th blog post. You can read my post about it here.
I was thinking about doing #BlogJune on that one too, but lacking time and content to put on it.

When I ‘took over’ the blog posting after my former manager left, she advised it was mostly a repository for links incase our website went down, which I found very odd.
In the last couple of years other colleagues have posted info about new resources and events. Our whole team is supposed to give me content to add, if they don’t want to post it themselves. But in the last year or so I have only had one staff member contribute the info for ‘Pirate Pete’ posts.

It has only been since I have been posting and sharing links on my FB and Twitter, that we have reached many more views, etc. However, as you may be able to tell from the pic of page views, that most of our views are from overseas, and most students (and staff for that matter) have no idea we even have a library blog.

I would prefer we had access to social media such as FB, Twitter and the like, and didn’t have to go through the marketing dept to post things for us. I think this ‘waters down’ or loses the connections we have with our students, and although I am being quite biased here, I think the students would prefer to read what I have written.

Now how do we get them to read it?



3 thoughts on “Blogging for who? #BlogJune

  1. jesspietsch says:

    Hi Rachel! I’ve just found your blog through your blogjune comments on my post via Curtis Club 🙂 I love your 100th post over on the Whitireia Library site, Congratulations on achieving this milestone!

    I think your questions of working out who your audience are really important, over on Biblia we recently had Curtin Uni run a webcast workshop on how to write a comms plan… did you see this by chance?


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