Child-free holidays? #BlogJune


I recently went to Sydney with my husband to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary.

Sounds nice, right?

However we usually travel with my son who is almost 14 now, and everywhere we visited I was thinking ‘Oh mr13 would like this, mr13 would like to see that’. It got to the point we didn’t even bother visiting Taronga zoo because we will go back soon with him and do it all over again.

So here comes my problem, the best sale prices for flights are rarely for in the school holidays! When mr13 was younger we didn’t have a problem with him missing a few days of school to go to the GC or LA like we did last year. But now he is at high school, we would rather he attended every day.

Yesterday there was a Jetstar birthday sale which offered free return flights, so would have been super cheap to go back to the GC for a week later in the year, or next March. I asked hubby if he wanted to go to the GC without mr13 and he agreed it would be weird.




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