Fake news #BlogJune

This morning I attended the last part (because I slept in) of Library 2.017: Digital literacy & fake news.


The session I finally got connected to was “Four Out of Five Dentists Say Coca-Cola Cures Cancer!: Data Literacy Strategies to Help Patrons Identify Fake – or Just Bad – Information“.
It had some interesting ideas about how data is presented in graphs with break sign on the axis, or the use of the word ‘average’ that can be interpreted many ways!
Also the use of big numbers, such as 24 million people … when if you look at it as a % of population, it is not so big.

The most alarming part to me was when  turned the screen around to show mr13 a couple of slides during the presentation, that he thought what was on the screen was true!

So fake news is alive and well around here and I have some work to do on digital literacy with my own family too.




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