Dear Auckland Transport . . . Part 3

Dear Auckland Transport,

My faith has been restored in our relationship, and I am glad there are a few nice people in Auckland after all!

I have had an emotional few hours in Auckland, getting wet and lost etc, and then my phone must have fallen out of my pocket as I got off the bus!


My phone also has my cards and room key in it!


I look at the bus stop for some way to contact you and there is a phone number but I no longer have a phone! I note down the number and splash my way back to the motel reception to ask for help, feeling very sorry for myself.

Thankfully I was the only person I have seen on all my rides that has paid cash instead of HOP card and therefore have a receipt with bus ID details on it.
The young guy at reception then rings and is put through to someone who contacts the bus with details of where I was sitting etc and will ring back soon.
He then lets me into my room using the master key. I put dry clothes on and think about what I can buy for dinner with the $5 cash I have in my handbag, with no way to contact my husband who I had just been texting on the bus.

Only a few minutes later, reception rings and says my phone has been found safe and sound!
As I have no idea how to find the bus company, let alone enough money to get another bus there, someone from the bus company is willing to drop it back to my motel at the end of their shift in a few hours.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, lovely person at Auckland Transport, someone really does care about customer service after all.

From a very thankful customer.



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