Dear Auckland Transport . . . Part 2

Dear Auckland Transport,

Oh why are you so hard to use?!

I have just spent the last half an hour splashing about in the rain trying to find a ride home (to the motel).
My map of Auckland is now soaking wet and is of no use as I don’t even know what street I am on!

I have passed bus stop after bus stop in central Auckland trying to figure out what bus  I need to catch in order for me to get back to my motel, and your bus stop signs are NOT helpful. I have also asked a few bus drivers which bus I need to catch and none of them had any idea.

I eventually sat down outside a cafe to see if I could connect to wifi and try and use your website again, and a waitress came to my aid. She went back inside and gathered information from staff and customers and directed me towards a bus stop outside a stripper bar next to a kebab shop. Yes, I was surprised to hear that.

So I splashed my way over a couple more streets and eventually got on the bus I am now on, and hoping it is going where I need to go to.

From a very wet and annoyed customer.


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