Dear Auckland Transport . . . Part 1

Dear Auckland Transport,

I do not like you.
I am writing to say I am very disappointed with the service I did NOT receive this morning.

Our relationship soured when the first bus I tried to catch drove right past me.

I started off confident and prepared as I had used your website to plan and print out my journey, and was at the bus stop across from my motel 7 minutes prior to ETA of the bus. A bus passed a few minutes later that was not the one I wanted and as it was pouring with rain (as it did most of the time I was in Auckland) I sat down to wait for a few minutes.

Imagine my surprise when soon after the bus I DID want to catch drove right past me 3 minutes before the scheduled time! I did not know that I was expected to wait on the roadside and wave my arms to attract your attention in order to catch a ride.

I had not written out the Plan B I saw on the website so I ended up walking in the rain for about 30 minutes to my destination.

From a very disappointed (almost) customer.



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