Righteous woman or Queen bee?

I just read an interesting article called “Why Women (Sometimes) Don’t Help Other Women”  which reminded me of my workplace dramas I wrote about a few days ago.
Sheryl Sandberg was someone I started reading about when I was thinking about doing my research project on mentoring in the workplace. She has recently also written this article on the myth of the catty woman.

My team has been made up of only women until a few months ago when a male joined our team, part-time. This is quite common of the library world, at my old work apart from the manager there was only one other male for quite a few years.

I have always been an advocate for women’s rights, was appalled to learn how recently some countries gave women the right to vote and equally proud that NZ was the first!
At college I thought about being the first woman Prime Minister of NZ, however that was taken by the time I left school. I have thought about going into local politics, but think I would be frustrated at the limitations of bureaucracy, and also not a fan of public speaking! LOL



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