6 months til xmas!

It’s half way through the year already, time to start the xmas countdown!
Yes, I’m one of those crazy people who start celebrating waaaay too soon. LOL


I love xmas, my fave time of the year.
I love the xmas tree(s), yes I have more than one now.
I love xmas lights, now that we have a one story house, hubby has said yes to putting lights up all over.
I love xmas carols, my landline ringtone is jinglebells ALL year long.
I love going to events where I can sing carols with other people, especially if candles are involved.
I love xmas lunches and dinners with the family(s), when mr12 was a baby we did breakfast lunch and dinner at 3 different houses!
I love xmas presents that people have thought about what I would really like, but the presents aren’t really what xmas is about for me. However I love spoiling mr12 at xmas!

This year we are having a super exciting early xmas in California! Yes we are finally going to Disneyland! So will be having a superbudget xmas after that but oh well, YOLO right? LOL

#BlogJune #xmascountdown


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