Finally this degree is over

It’s been a long time coming, but my final assessment for my final paper is in.

I think I started the Diploma in 2007, when the LIANZA professional registration came about.

I considered both the Masters through Victoria University, where I had done my education degree when I left school, and the Open Polytech which seemed a lot more flexible.
Not only was there options to study at home, in my ‘own’ time, there was also no time limit on when the papers had to be completed by. This was an important factor as we were considering expanding the family at that time. The deciding factor was my manager recommending the Open Polytech one as more practical an relevant to my workplace.

So, almost ten years later I have completed 6 papers for the Level 5 Diploma in Library & Information Studies, graduating in 2014, and 7 more papers for the Bachelor of Arts in Library & Information Studies (plus some I could cross-credit from old degree) and now will graduate next May!

By next May I hope the memories of assessment stress, late nights, turning down events, not having time for family, etc. will be long in the past and I will be enjoying more of a work-life balance.

My next goal is to become professionally registered.



3 thoughts on “Finally this degree is over

    • RachB says:

      Thank you, in some ways it doesn’t seem that long, but in others it sure does. Mr12 must have been only about 3 when I started, so unfortunately has grown up having to share me with study time 😦 but also learning the benefits of lifelong learning.


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