Yesterday I wrote about my research project involving polytechnic libraries in New Zealand. This isn’t quite correct but I was too tired to explain ITP.

I have a ‘pet peeve’ of people using acronyms without explaining them!

ITP stands for Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics in New Zealand.

I am not entirely clear on the difference between institutes of technology and polytechnics, probably something from when they were more trade based than universities?
Now my workplace, Whitireia New Zealand (or Whitireia Community Polytecnic), teaches programmes from school transition at Level 1 all the way to Masters degrees.

I am usually hesitant to interrupt someone who is speaking to ask what an acronym they have used means, but with emails I can search for the term before replying.

And sometimes names of businesses or programmes sound like acronoyms when they are in fact shortened versions of names. An example of this is our ‘sister’ organisation Weltec, or Wellington Institute of Technology.

Sometimes it’s the other way around. I only recently learnt that a database we are getting called CINAHL was an acronym for Current Nursing and Allied Health Literature.

Do these annoy you too?



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