Queen’s birthday – a public holiday?

Today NZ celebrated the Queen’s not actual birthday, and we don’t even have a Queen in NZ. To me so usually it’s just a public holiday, a day off work, a day to go shopping, or even away for a long weekend somewhere a couple of hours away.

Well to me today wasn’t really even a public holiday, just another study day to get my research project finished. I had Friday off too, so not really any excuse for me not having done it in time to have an actual day off today, except well  . . . I’m lazy!

Totally admit it, I procrastinate and procrastibake, well not so much these days.

Now that I’m a Facebook addict I will spend countless hours (to afraid to count) playing Candycrush and the like to distract from the real world where I have cleaning, studying, parenting etc to do.

Terrible I know, but true.

What are your favourite procrastination activities?



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